Church sound training | Sound system set-up

Church Sound and PA – How to run an effective sound check


This lesson is taken from our Sound Tech and PA Training course. Not only is it a great lesson in it’s own right but it gives you a good idea of what the rest of the course is like.

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Learn an innovative sound check method that makes musicians happy at 7am!

Things about church sound tech I wish I’d learned years ago


This is rough and ready footage from a live seminar. Presented by professional audio engineer Tim Horton from SFL who is also the main presenter on our Sound Tech and PA Training course.

Why are church sound systems so challenging?


What does the church sound system course cover?

The Sound Tech and PA Training course is a comprehensive 4-DVD set (also available as an online download). It is split into seven sections. The sound check clip you watched above is from the Mixing Skills section

  • Sound System Set Up
  • Instrument Mic’ing
  • Which Mic should I use?
  • Building Acoustics
  • Speaker Systems
  • Mixing Skills
  • Eliminating Feedback

Check out the course trailer below. You’ll also find more detailed information on content here.