Free Church PA and Sound Tech Resources

Below are links to a hand-picked selection of some of our most popular sound tech articles from the archives.

We have also compiled a number of free sound tech and PA video lessons which you are welcome to watch free-of-charge.

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Sound Engineering

Church sound: The hierarchy of importance

Why your venue has more effect on congregational participation than your sound system

What should your congregation hear in the mix?

Ask the Expert: Will sound engineering skills taught for analogue desks transfer to a digital desk?

Ask the Expert – Why shouldn’t we set gain levels according to the LED lights?

Celebrating the role of the sound man / woman

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts – Sound men/women

Women and technology in church. Why is this such a rare concept?

Sound Man. Church hero.

Worship Leaders, You’re Killing Us – guest post from Mike Sessler

Noise issues

4 ways to reduce stage noise in church

Controlling volume overspill in church part 2 – identifying the noise-makers

Ask the Expert – Controlling volume overspill in an old church building

Altering the fabric of the building to reduce echo and reverb inside a Church

Ask the expert – laptop sound issues

Ask The Expert – T-Loop Feedback Whistles

Sound gear

In-ear monitoring for churches. Yes or No?

Here’s how one church does their set up each week

Total cost of ownership – an approach to justifying big spend on PA and equipment

Ask the Expert – We’re a church plant with a $10k budget – What sound equipment should we buy?

4 tips for making good use of your mic

Why DI?

Sound checks and recording

Learn an innovative sound check method that makes musicians happy at 7am!

Top 10 Mistakes Most Churches Make When Recording Their First Worship Album

“I don’t need a microphone do I?”

Visual Worship

Ask the Expert: How bright a projector do we need for our size of screen? Does distance from the back of the room matter?

What size screen do you need in worship?

Ask the Expert – Recommendations on projectors for church