Training for Church Worship Bands and Praise Teams

Church Worship Band Training ResourcesWorship Band Training Resources

Musicademy has created an extensive award winning set of courses and training resources for Christian musicians. From beginner to intermediate and advanced players there is worship-focused instruction at every level.

The whole suite of Musicademy products are the perfect crash course for your worship team.” Worship Leader Magazine

The links below are mainly to our DVDs but almost all are also available as online downloads. Go to the webstore and follow the links to find them.

The entire portfolio is also available in an online video streaming subscription site. All the courses (over 1,500 lessons) on all your devices.

DVD and online courses for worship teamsWorship Team Training Resources

Practical Worship Leading Skills

A comprehensive course teaching essential practical skills that every worship leader should possess. 20 lessons for you to watch individually. or as a team. Plus practical exercises at the end of each lesson to cement the learning and encourage discussion. Available as a download and via our subscription site.

Practical Worship Band SkillsWorship Band Skills Course Training

Turn your entire team into seasoned musicians and invaluable worship team players. Available on DVD, download and via our streaming site.

Worship Team Workshops

Worship Team Workshops are downloadable video-based training courses from Musicademy that your worship team can work through together. The sessions unpack invaluable skills and incorporate guided group discussions, practical exercises and plenty space to play together to try out the learning.

Playing by Ear

Does what it says on the box. A 4-DVD set for guitarists, keyboards players, bass players, orchestral instrumentalists and even singers.

The Playing By Ear course is also streamed online.

DVD and online lessons for Christian Guitar Players

New Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs – a brand new 4-DVD course plus training tracks and workbook songbooks

Our original Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs – now less than half price.

Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVDs – for worship leaders who have reached a plateau in their playing.Christian Guitar

Intermediate Electric Worship Guitar DVDs – for the electric guitarist or those transferring from acoustic.

The Worship Guitar Collection – 20 new online lessons teaching contemporary songs

The original Intermediate Worship Guitar Course – now less than half price.

“Song Learner” guitar lessons – learn to play classic Christian worship songs on guitar the way the professionals do. Now half price. Available on DVD and as online lessons.

All the Guitar courses are also streamed online.

DVD and online lessons for Christian Keyboard Players

Beginning Worship Keyboard DVDs – teaching you how to play piano using a simple chords-based method.christian-keys-lessons

Intermediate Worship Keyboard DVDs – for classically trained pianists and worship keys players who want to take their playing to the next level.

The Worship Keys Collection – teaching 18 contemporary songs

Advanced Worship Keyboard DVDs – learn to use the full range of sounds on your keyboard. Pick-up all the professional contemporary playing techniques.

Online “Song Learner” keyboard lessons – learn to play classic Christian worship songs using simple chords and interesting fills.

All the Keys courses streamed online.

DVD and online lessons for Christian Bass Players

Beginning Worship Bass DVDs – learn to play bass guitar using Christian songs.
Also great for acoustic players transferring to bass.christian-bass

Intermediate Worship Bass DVDs – take your praise bass playing to the next level.

The Worship Bass  Collection – a huge 5 DVDs teaching 20 contemporary songs

Advanced Worship Bass Downloads – learn professional bass parts to some of today’s best worship songs. Apply your learning to other songs.

“Song Learner” bass lessons – learn to play 15 classic Christian worship songs the way professional bass players do. Available on DVD and as online lessons.

All the Bass courses streamed online.

DVD and online lessons for Christian Singers

The Musicademy Worship Vocals Course will teach you all the basics of singing in church
including breathing, warm-up exercises, harmony skills and worship

Harmony and Backing Vocals in Worship – learn how to harmonise and become a better backing singer.

Warm-up exercises for singers – 4 CDs and downloadble MP3s with hundreds of vocals warm-up and workout exercises for vocalists.

All the Vocals courses streamed online.

DVD and online lessons for Christian Drummers

Beginning Worship Drums DVDs – learn how to play worship drums in a church setting.playing-drums-in-church

Intermediate Worship Drum DVDs – take your drumming to the next level.

Hand Drumming and Percussion in Worship – learn techniques for djembe, congas and bongos.

The Drumming courses streamed online (Hand Drumming not currently available online).

Worship Backing Band

MultiTrack backing track software for churches with only half a band. You play, it fills in for missing musicians. The simplest-to-use MultiTrack Player on the market along with the lowest cost MultiTracks. Available on Mac, PC  and iPad.worship backing tracks from Worship Backing Band

SplitTrack backing tracks with onscreen words and optional vocals – on 8 compliation DVDs or online download.

Musicians practice tracks on DVD. 54 songs with onscreen words and chords. Practice with a pro band – take any instrument out of the mix.

Improvisation and Ear Training for Orchestral Instrument Players

Teaching classically trained strings, brass and woodwind playersorchestral-instruments-worship how to play by ear and improvise in worship – now at half price DVD or alternatively download.

The Orchestral Instruments course is also streamed online.


Discounts & Vouchers on Musicademy DVDs

The cheapest way to buy Musicademy DVDs is to buy more than one at a time. Go to our “Build Your Own Bundle Pack” page, select the products you would like for the best discounts across the whole store. And remember, we have a money back guarantee plus a total satisfaction guarantee so you can buy, try and home and then return the DVDs if for whatever reason you don’t want to keep them.

Access EVERYTHING for a low monthly fee

Our online subscription service gives you access to ALL our courses for a single low-cost monthly or annual fee. 1,500+ video lessons worth over $3,000!

Live worship training days

If you are in the UK we can bring the Musicademy team to your church for a full day of worship training. Options for churches to host public training days or design a bespoke program just for your worship team.