Free Online Worship Guitar Lessons | Acoustic

Free Online Worship Guitar Lessons | Acoustic

Free Musicademy worship guitar video lessons

Below you will find a number of lessons taken from Musicademy’s worship guitar courses

Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson: The Cadd9 Chord

This lesson is from the Musicademy Beginning Worship Guitar course. It is quite an early lesson in the course and teaches the chord Cadd9.

Other learning on the course includes:

  • 35 essential acoustic guitar chords
  • 15 essential strumming patterns
  • Power chords, slash chords & easy ‘cheat’ chords
  • Finger picking patterns – Play in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time
  • Play in any key using a capo
  • Play any song in 3 capo positions
  • Understanding chord charts
  • Transpose complex keys into guitar-friendly keys
  • Tuning, pick and strumming technique
  • Damping strings, learn the notes on the neck

We used a different approach to teaching beginners on this Beginning Guitar course. Having taught thousands of students over the years we have moved from doing it the ‘correct’ way with the usual bedrock chords of Em, G, C, D, A, Am etc etc etc. The difficulty with that approach is that often all fingers have to change their fret and string position as you move from chord to chord. Instead we teach using a few basic chords with more complicated names that essentially allows them to change from chord to chord with minimum finger movement.

We explain the new approach in the article below:

How to teach beginners guitar – a new approach

Easy Beginner Guitar Lesson: Using Gm, Em7 and CADD9 in Sequence

This lesson is from the Musicademy Beginning Worship Guitar course.

This lesson teaches how to use a sequence of the chords Cadd9, G and Em7.

The rest of the course features the following songs:

  • A New Hallelujah – Michael W Smith
  • Praise is Rising (Hosanna) – Paul Baloche, Brenton Brown
  • Our God – Matt Redman
  • Your Grace is Enough – Matt Mayer
  • Beautiful One – Tim Hughes
  • How He Loves – David Crowder
  • My Soul Sings – Delirious?
  • Open Eyes of My Heart – Paul Baloche
  • Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) – Chris Tomlin
  • Indescribable – Chris Tomlin, Laura Story

Substitute chords and tricks in C

This lesson is from the Musicademy Intermediate Acoustic Guitar course.
This lesson takes chords further and looks at cheats and substitutes in the key of C.

We take it deeper with some licks and tricks that work well with ‘C’ shapes.

If you’ve been the kind of worship leader or player that has always stuck mainly to some ‘G’ based shapes this lesson will massively expand your chord library.

Using 5 and Add9 Chords to Add Strength and Beauty

This lesson is from the Musicademy Intermediate Acoustic Guitar course.
This lesson digs into some more unusual chords to add style and delicacy to your chord vocabulary.

We explore shapes for ‘5’ chords and add9 chords for adding strength or beauty to the sounds. We look at playing open chords in B without using barre chords or a capo!

Finally we play in B with a detuned top E for all sorts of new sounds!

Travis Picking

If you want to develop their finger picking skills especially when it comes time to playing hymns and the dreaded Christmas carols on guitar we encourage you to work through this great lesson on the art of Travis picking.

Travis picking is all about keeping your thumb moving with the bass notes to provide an interesting and rhythmic finger picking style. To get Travis picking under your belt requires some regular practice so we break the basic style down into 9 daily exercises to build your muscle memory and get your fingers moving!

A perfect and step by step introduction to this in-depth guitar style.

This lesson is from the Musicademy Intermediate Acoustic Guitar course.

Learn to play Lead Me To The Cross (Hillsong)

This lesson teaching the Brooke Fraser song, Lead Me to the Cross, is from the Worship Guitar Collection.
It explores using C based chord shapes for songs written in the key of D alongside some changing strumming patterns and learning the intro riff played on acoustic guitar, note-for-note.

Learn to play The Power of The Cross

This is a monster of a lesson from the Worship Guitar Collection.

Learn how to approach playing hymns with quick chord changes on guitar, and because the song changes key for the final chorus you’ll learn these quick change chord shapes in both the C and D based shapes.

Not for beginning guitarists!