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The Musicademy Intermediate Electric Guitar Course is one of our flagship products. Awarded an Editor’s Pick by Worship Leader Magazine the year it was released, it remains the definitive guide to playing electric guitar in church.

Beginners should first work through our Beginning Guitar Course but for existing guitarists it is perfect for players with gaps in their knowledge and for acoustic guitarists transferring to electric.

Watch some sample lessons from the Electric course below.

How to use CAGED chords on electric guitar

Lesson from the Musicademy Intermediate Electric Guitar course.

Using CAGED chords to play Blessed Be Your Name

Lesson from the Musicademy Intermediate Electric Guitar course.

Electric Guitar – Using Double Stops in Worship

About the Electric Guitar Worship Course

The full course has a 5-star customer rating and includes 20 lessons over 10 hours of instruction. You’ll learn the techniques, licks and styles the pro’s use to create electric guitar parts in worship:

  • Over 90 usable electric guitar chord shapes all over the neck
  • Tricks pro guitarists use playing in G, D, A, C & E
  • Chord ‘cheats’ for playing in position up the neck
  • Explore lead guitar with 5 pentatonic shapes & 7 major scale positions
  • Hendrix style double stops for combined lead & rhythm styles
  • How to use 3rds 4ths & 6ths to create harmony parts
  • 10ths for alternative chord voicings
  • Play any chord in any key anywhere on the neck using the CAGED system
  • How to find every the note on the neck, quickly!
  • Power & open chords in Drop D tuning
  • Soloing ideas using pentatonic scales, lead lines using major scales string bending, drone notes, Octaves, tremolo picking
  • Learn a great solo that uses all these techniques note for note

Watch the trailer for the course below:

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