Free worship keys lessons | Learn to play keyboard in church

Free worship keys lessons | Learn to play keyboard in church

Here at Musicademy we’ve taught thousands of people to play worship keys. We’ve taught total beginners wanting to learn quickly and classically trained piano players who want to learn a more contemporary style.

Our approach is chords-based. So we don’t teach from the sheet music. Instead we use a guitar chord chart!

You learn to play chords on keyboard rather than the traditional approach of playing the melody line with the right hand and chords in the left.

In a modern worship band you have singers for the melody line and bass players to pick up the bass chords. This releases keys players to provide rhythm and texture as well as the occasional interesting fill.

Most classically trained piano players have good music theory and it is easy for them to apply their theory knowledge to a chords approach with our teaching.

For beginners, chord-based playing is a quicker way to get up to speed fast and join the worship team without going through years of Fur Elise and piano exams!

These sample free lessons taken from our courses should give you an idea of our approach. You can find out more about our keys courses here.

Learn to play contemporary keys using chords


This introduction to playing using chords is taken from the Intermediate Worship Keys course. Links below


Using chords to play How Great is Our God


Another lesson from the Intermediate Worship Keys course. This time we apply the idea of chords-based playing to the song How Great is Our God.

See the full range of Musicademy’s worship keyboard DVDs and online lessons.

10 things to do with chords on keyboard


As well as the structured curriculum in our Beginners and Intermediate courses we like to include some Quick Tips sections. This Quick Tip explores things you can do with chords when playing in worship.

Playing Hymns in Worship (How Great Thou Art)


This is one of the final lessons in the Beginners Worship Keys course. If you struggle with playing hymns this is a nice simple way of approaching them.

Links to buy the full course below:


Learn to play You Alone Can Rescue


This lesson is from the Worship Keyboard Collection. Unlike the Beginners and Intermediate courses that follow a structured curriculum, the Worship Collection is focused on teaching 18 well known songs and unpacking what the professionals do to create their parts.

With this course you will learn how to form simple effective keys parts that fit in with the rest of the band

Links to buy the Worship Keyboard Collection below:


Learn to play Majesty by Delirious?


Our earliest song-based lessons are in our Song Learner series. Here we teach 10 songs and show all the melodic fills, rhythms and chords needed to master each song. Of course all those techniques can then be applied to other songs as you gain in confidence.

Each Song Learner lesson is available as an online download with a 50% discount when you buy all 10.

Affordable worship keyboard lessons

Learning to play an instrument takes time and normally a lot of money. As well as buying the instrument you have to invest in many years of teaching. One-to-one lessons can be very expensive. One low cost alternative is to learn using online or DVD-based instruction.

With our courses you get to take your piano teacher home with you.

You can pause and rewind as often as you like. The courses are paced to help you learn effectively.

Not many piano teachers are specialist worship musicians. They tend to favour a classical approach which is not what contemporary worship bands are looking for.

Costs are much lower too. Each of our courses is the equivalent of about a year of one-to-one lessons. The cost for an entire course is about the same as a single lesson. Great value for something you can go back to time and again.

Choose which worship keys course is best for you.