Worship Guitar Beginners Vol 3

Worship Guitar Beginners Vol 3

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Building on the learning from volumes 1 and 2, worship guitar volume 3 teaches new chord shapes further up the neck, using a capo, finger picking technique using the song What a Friend I've Found, and playing with other musicians.  You will be able to use the learning from all three volumes to play a wider variety of songs. Features a clip from Onehundredhours "Stronger than My Heart" video and a special guest lesson from Stu G of Delirous showing the guitar part to Majesty.

Two hours of professional guitar teaching from Musicademy_s Andy Chamberlain with additional practical advice from worship leaders Matt Redman, Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Charlie Hall, Tim Hughes, Stu G from Delirious?, Vicky Beeching, Tre Sheppard from Onehundredhours, Lex Buckley, Noel Robinson and Alan Frow.

The DVD features backing tracks, drum grooves and instrumental worship songs as a daily practice tool.


RRP £29.99

NOW £12.99


  • New chord shapes further up the neck
  • Using a capo
  • Finger picking technique
  • Playing with other musicians
  • Using the learning from all three volumes to play a wider variety of songs. 

Three DVDs in a box set with a total of 6 hours instruction. The equivalent to a year of one to one lessons.


Each of the three DVDs feature:

  • On-screen graphics
  • Additional backing tracks
  • Drum grooves and instrumental worship songs as a daily practice tool


Songs used include What a Friend I’ve Found and Majesty.


Also featuring a clip form Onehundredhours "Stronger than My Heart" video.

Two hours of professional guitar teaching from Musicademy's Andy Chamberlain with additional practical advice from worship leaders:

  • Tim Hughes
  • Chris Tomlin
  • Stu G (Delirious?)
  • David Crowder
  • Noel Robinson
  • Matt Redman
  • Charlie Hall
  • Vicky Beeching
  • Tre Sheppard (Onehundredhours)
  • Alan Frow

Who is it for?

This Beginners series is suitable for complete beginners and will take you to a stage where you can play worship guitar confidently in a house group or small church setting. For existing players, volumes 2 and 3 are great for those who know a few basic chords and some strumming patterns but don’t yet play “power” chords, slash chords or chords further up the neck. Volume 3 also includes a complete guide to effective finger picking. After these volumes try the Song Learner series.

Volume 1 is suitable for complete beginners who have never even picked up a guitar before. 


We often find that people who already know a few chords appreciate starting with volume 1 in order to make sure they fully understand the basics.


If you think you are a bit too advanced for the Beginners Box set (i.e. you already know plenty of open chords, power chords and basic finger picking), then have a look at our Song Learner Series which sits between Beginners and Intermediate in terms of ability.



What do I need to get started?

Apart from the DVDs and a DVD player (or computer), all you need is a guitar, a pick (plectrum) and ideally a tuner.


Although not essential, lots of people find our DVD workbooks a helpful guide to use alongside the DVDs. With these you have the chord charts printed out beside you, rather than just on screen.The worknooks will help you work through the DVDs and turn each DVD volume into a 10 week course that really makes the most out of all the drum loops, backing tracks and interviews as well as showing you further songs to play using the chords and strumming patterns you have learnt.


Is this for electric or acoustic guitar?

The Beginners series is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitarists. Having learnt the basic information on volumes 1-3 you can then progress to our song learner series (more suitable for acoustic players) and our Intermediate Acoustic or Intermediate Electric DVDs.


What else is available to help me practice?

We have a DVD called Worship Backing Band - Musicians Practice Tracks which contains 54 worship songs that you can play along with. Practice is a lot more fun with other people! You can select to take the vocals out of the mix so you are effectively the singer with a pro band. Its like high quality worship karaoke. The DVD shows on-screen words and chords so if you play an instrument you can also play along as you sing. 


Will the DVDs work on my DVD player?

The DVDs are NTSC and coded Region 0 which means they will play anywhere in the world.


Can I get a refund if I don't like the DVDs?

Yes, you are also covered by our 100% customer satisfaction guarantee if having received the DVDs you do not feel they are right for you.

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Highly recommended | Review by www.delirious.co.uk
Ease Of Use
Hours of hints, tips and practical advice which every guitarist wishing to learn to get involved in worship playing will find invaluable. If you've ever wanted to learn to play a guitar then this series of DVDs is perfect for you
(Posted on 02/09/2010)
Easy to follow | Review by Greg Schaalma
Ease Of Use
I really enjoy the Musicademy Worship Guitar DVDs. I would highly recommend them for anyone that is interested in learning how to play worship music or getting involved in a worship band. The material is easy to follow, and the backing tracks make it easy to practice at home. The DVDs have helped me gain a lot of confidence in my playing.
(Posted on 01/09/2010)
Professional & Enjoyable | Review by Lins Honeyman
Ease Of Use
As all good training programmes should, the course employs several styles of presentation, keeping the proceedings fresh and constantly maintaining the learner's attention.
At times Chamberlain gives the impression that he could simply be a friend who just happens to be a great guitarist and has taken time out to show you a thing or two - nevertheless, he never fails to maintain ultimate professionalism throughout
Lins Honeyman from crossrhythms.co.uk
(Posted on 01/09/2010)

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