Add9 guitar chords for adding beauty

Substitute Chords – part 9

In the last post we looked at using ‘5’ or power chords for adding strength to the sound. Now let’s go the other way and look at adding beauty to the sound by using add9 chords.

Add9 chords are named because they just take a regular chord and add a 9th note to the sound. The 9th note is the same as the second note, just an octave above. (If you think I’ve just been speaking Cantonese then you either need to dig out some of our old music theory blog posts or get the Intermediate Guitar DVD which will tell you all about chords and how to find the right ones in any key).


Practically speaking if we are playing a G chord we are adding an A an octave up, but if you don’t understand the theory, don’t worry, just learn the shapes and add to taste. The really are much more interesting than regular chords.

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