Advent Liturgy

This is an alternative take on an Advent liturgy – reminding people the true reasons why we should look forward to the Christmas season. You can also download the Powerpoint slides at EngageWorship.


We look forward – to seeing a new star appear in the sky, prompting those far off to draw near to you.
All: Lord Jesus, draw us to you.

We look forward – to the familiar stable scenes, their mangers standing empty, waiting to receive you.
All: Lord Jesus, come to us anew.

We look forward – to hearing again the angels singing “Glory to God and Peace to all the earth”.
All: Lord Jesus, let us take up their song.

We look forward – to seeing shepherds and kings alike, poor and humble, noble and wealthy, all bowing before you.
All: Lord Jesus, unite us in worship.

We look forward – to remembering a humble girl, with an ordinary background, chosen to bring your hope into the world.
All: Lord Jesus, bring new hope through us.

We look forward – to a child, wrapped in linen, lying in a manger, weak and helpless, small and completely reliant on others.
All: Lord Jesus, teach us to depend on you.

We look forward – to seeing, hearing and knowing afresh how you – infinite and incomprehensible God – freely entered your creation, becoming humble and tangible so that we might freely enter your presence.
All: Lord Jesus, we look, we wonder, and we worship.

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Kieran runs Ascent Creative,, writes worship songs for, performance songs which he posts on and leads worship in his local church, Cheadle Hulme Methodist.