Affiliates: earn commission on referrals to Musicademy

Musicademy Subscription Site

Earn commission on people you refer to our subscription site

Musicademy has launched a new online worship training subscription website containing over 1,200 training video lessons for worship musicians. Subscribers enjoy unlimited access to all Musicademy’s 50+ courses which represent 3 to 4 years training on every instrument.

We’d like to ask you to help spread the word.

You might mention it on Facebook, email worship musician friends, pop a banner or article on your own or your church website. You might even be part of an organisation that has a mailing list that might like to receive an email about it.

We don’t expect you to do that free-of-charge of course (even though lots of people have done so already just because they love what we do) so we have set up an affiliate program with independent Affiliate Network Share Results (we’ve written an article that explains how it all works here). All you need to do is sign up, you’ll then be able to access a bunch of artwork and “text links” all embedded with your unique affiliate link code which means that Share Results are able to track sales from your referral and pay you a commission. With most people signing up for the $180 annual membership that’s quite a substantial sum.

Worship Training Subscription site on multiple devices

How can I make referrals?

Traditionally affiliates use banner ads like the images on this page. You click on the image and it takes you to the website being promoted. The affiliate network uses a unique tracking code to monitor any sales that occur (we allow a 60 day cookie length – this means that you would benefit from any purchase on our site whether subscription, DVD or download in the 60 day period after they first click on your link).

With people being increasingly “banner blind”, we find that there are other more effective ways of promoting a product or service. These include blogging, Tweeting or Facebooking about it but with any link to our website you would include your unique tracking code with the url.

The other option is to send an email out (we have a draft one that you could use as a template with lots of nice images and pre-written copy) and again have affiliate links on all the urls.

Old school press release

For more traditional magazines, or for bloggers wanting the low down on the subscription site so that they can craft their own articles, we have written a press release that you can download and use. Also feel free to use any of the images on this site or embed the YouTube video below.

I’m a blogger can I have free access to your subscription site

We’re really keen that bloggers with a reasonable following can do a proper review of our site via a free membership. Please email us for more details.