Ask the Expert – can I put Musicademy downloads onto an Ipod?

Ask the Expert – can I put Musicademy downloads onto an Ipod?


Christy Stock from Baldwinsville New York asks:

“I have several Musicademy DVD’s and I have purchased some downloads.  I am going to purchase an iPod Classic. Can the downloads from Musicademy can be downloaded to these devices?”

Its a great idea to take these lessons with you – it means that you have a reference for different strumming patterns and chords at all times, and if you find yourself with a bit of spare time, the ipod or iphone is ready to help you practise. We’d also really recommend the audio only vocal warm-up exercises – perfect to get your voice warmed up before the rehearsal starts.

Yes you can certainly play any of our downloads on an MP4 player. There are a couple of ways to do it:
Either use a program like Handbrake to convert the file to MP4 or alternatively, highlight the title, click on Advanced in the top tool bar and click Create ipod or iphone version.

We have quite a wide archive of downloads now:

  • Worship guitar (from our Song Learner series)
  • Rock and Pop guitar (about 60 lessons teaching anything from U2 to The Killers
  • Worship keyboards (from our Song Learner series)
  • Worship bass (from our Song Learner series)
  • Worship vocals seminars
  • Vocals warm-up exercises on MP3
  • Drum warm up and workout sessions