Ask the Expert – DVDs for lead guitar?

Ask the Expert – DVDs for lead guitar?

James from Canada asks:

Does any of your worship guitar series, have lessons on lead guitar?

Andy replies:

Yes, our intermediate worship guitar course covers lots of techniques to learn lead guitar.

  • 5 pentatonic scale shapes so you can solo using the right notes to any song in any key
  • CAGED chords so you can find any chord anywhere on the neck and use the CAGED to build lead guitar parts and voicings
  • A section on using overdrive, chorus and delay
  • 3 lessons with Stu G on how to play the lead guitar parts to Delirious songs
  • Plus ear training, learn how to find the right chords in any key and understand the Nashville numbering system.

All the these lessons are useful for lead guitar. This is the link.

I’ve also done a blog post before on the difference between the Intermediate Guitar course and the Intermediate ACOUSTIC Guitar course. Click through to see it.