Ask the Expert – Getting the riff to work in I’ve Found Jesus

Ask the Expert – Getting the riff to work in I’ve Found Jesus

Steve Slaughter sent us this question:

“How does Stu G make the notes “stand out” in that riff of the chorus of I’ve Found Jesus? (Covered in disk 2 of the Musicademy Intermediate Worship Guitar Course) I’ve got the two chords of E and A that he’s playing and I know that he hammers on and pulls off of the notes on the A chord, but I’m not sure what he’s doing over the E chord.  I’m guessing it’s some sort of hammer on, but I can’t tell what notes he’s playing!

I love those sections of the course, esp, the song Majesty!! Your site is great.  I’m thinking of getting the acoustic course real soon for some more guitar instruction.”


Andy replies:

For the E chord at the beginning of the riff try spliting it into four ‘movements’

1. Play the E chord (A shape at fret 7) with a down, up, down, strum

2. Then move your hand and bar the 9th fret across the five thinnest strings with your 1st finger and play 1 down strum

3. Whilst still keeping the barre, hammer on the A string at fret 11 with your 3rd (ring) finger

4. Then, with that same shape held, strum –  down, up, but focus mainly on the D G and B strings that you have barred.

5. Move to the A shape.