Ask the Expert – How did we create our drum loops?

Ask the Expert – How did we create our drum loops?

Troy Vanderschel from Washington has been using the Musicademy Worship Bass DVDs. He asks:

“Would you ask Matt Weeks what portable drum groove machine he used in the Intermediate Bass course?  What brand/model or mp3s does he have?”

 Will Couchman has also asked about the drum loops used on our Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs.
 “I am currently working through the Acoustic Course and loving it. A large part of the beginning is taken up with learning strumming patterns. This may seem like an odd question, but on the DVDs Andy plays some sample beats on his ipod for us to strum along to – do you know where I can find sample rhythms like that so I can practice learning to hear the beats?”

Matt replies:

To get the loops and drum sounds I used Spectrasonics Stylus RMX. I created mp3s and used my ipod for the actual dvd recording, but the stuff comes mainly from Stylus RMX.
Hope you’re finding the bass stuff helpful!
All the drum grooves Matt created (which are for complete worship songs) are available on our webstore so Will you could use those.  They are great for any musician to use as a practice track and will really help your playing to stay in time.
I’m sure some other readers will offer advice on other sources of drum loops online or otherwise – please comment below.