Ask the Expert – Improvisation skills for piano

Ask the Expert – Improvisation skills for piano

Mark Ecclestone from Canada asks:

“Can you please recommend any websites/teaching resources on learning how to develop musical improvisation and arranging skills (like on how to play a piece of music for piano building around playing arpeggios with passing notes) that are easy to understand for piano playing?  A lot of the material out there is really complicated to understand.  It’s primarily done from a complicated jazz point of view and I play country and Christian music.”

Hi Mark, I’m not really familiar with other websites that can help you but we do have some older blog posts which cover this and our Intermediate Worship Keybaords DVDs (which can be used for piano as well) cover it in a lot of depth. Our online keyboard “song learner” lessons also give a lot of hints on this.

Have a read/look at the following:

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