Ask the expert – Is there a masterlist of worship songs?

Terry emails with a CCLI reporting request:

“Hi Guys Thanks for all Your hard work in keeping us up to date & on the ball . This is a cry for help. Aghh our guy who does the power point can’t find some of the song authors and song ID numbers and is panicking. Is there any easy way of finding a difinitive list of these?”

We asked Christian Copyright Licensing International for advice on this and they say that churches can use CopyReport or SongSearch to check song information. This are links for CCLI UK which you can access from anywhere in the world. The US equivalent site requires a CCLI login.

There is also a  list of all the song catalogues/administrators/publications for the UK market covered at

Churches can also contact then directly and they can check their larger complete database if need be. If they do not cover a song the church may need to contact the song owner directly for licensing permissions and reporting.

You might also be interested in the question we have recently posed on our Facebook page where we asked people to say where they get the chord charts from. There are plenty of ideas for online resources in the answers.

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