Ask the Expert – Recommendations for a bass guitar

Ask the Expert – Recommendations for a bass guitar


Ayush Jain writes:
“I am looking forward to buy a new bass, I am searching for a pretty durable and hard solid bass. I mostly play on low tuning (Standard C) so gonna buy a 5 string bass.Can you suggest me some companies and models.I generally play progressive metal and I need a good sounding bass for slap and pops too :). My budget is around 470 US$.

Andy replies:

Its difficult to recommend things against a US budget as we are based in the UK and prices work out differently there. However, I was always a fan of the Musicman SUB basses that came out 3-4 years ago. If you can find one on Ebay it should be within your budget – these were US made but a bargain price to begin with. If you can find one you are onto a winner.

That said – if you are tuning down to low C you may find some buzzing with any bass so it might be good to get it set up for that tuning too.

If anyone else has any recommendations for Ayush then please share them here.