Beginners or Intermediate DVDs?

Here’s a question from Dale in the US which I’ve posted as it comes up all the time.

“I am a self-taught guitar player for the last ten years. i don’t know anything about music theory or some of the more technical terms i hear about and read on your guitar courses. I have led worship at churches i have attended, but find myself lacking in some areas. i have seen your guitar courses on, but am really unsure whether i should purchase the beginner or intermediate course. i don’t want to go to something so basic that it was a waste of my money, but don’t want to miss out on things i need to know by jumping to the intermediate course. how basic or beginner is your beginner course? i know most of my major chords, can transpose with a capo, and know a couple of strum patterns, but have an issue with tempo and lack in moving up the neck and fingerpicking. any advice on what i should purchase?”

Hi Dale – thanks for your email. From what you say I think you will find the majority of the Beginners set too basic. Its aimed at complete novice players and whilst there will be some learning in volumes 2 and 3 (plus some great Stu G input on finger picking) for existing players, it is fairly simple. With the intermediate you will be able to fill in a lot of theory gaps as well as really upskill your playing – its designed for people who have been playing for several years and have reached a threshold beyond which they can’t really progress without input form a tutor/DVD

Having said that I would really also recommend our Song Learner series.

Whilst you can probably already play most of the songs, you will find all sorts of new chord shapes, voicings, strumming patterns, picking techniques on these DVDs which you can then apply elsewhere. Your temp, neck playing etc will also be helped a lot. Maybe start with the Song Learners and then progress to the Intermediate? You can even buy the song learners as individual online downloads if you want to just sample one or two.

We offer a money back guarantee (or exchange) with anything you buy from our store so be assured that if you do find the intermediate too much you can return it.

Please come back to me if you have any further queries. I’ll upload your question and our answer to our blog so that others will benefit from it as well

Kind regards
Marie Page