How one traditional Anglican building has been transformed into a space for 21st Century worship

By Guest Blogger | April 18, 2016

Musicademy ran a training day recently at St Anselm’s Church in Stanmore, Middlesex. Not only were we totally blown away by the generosity and hospitality of their team, but we were impressed with what they had done with the somewhat traditional Anglican building. The rather large main worship space appeared to have different zones and […]

New MultiTracks and EveryKey Chord Charts

By [email protected] | March 31, 2016

We’ve just launched 6 fantastic new MultiTracks. The first we wanted to do was Wake by Hillsong Young and Free. it’s one of those songs that has a great vibe but is really difficult to do without running tracks in the background. So we’ve given you all the instrument sections of the original album version that […]

Small Group Worship Seminar

By admin | March 28, 2016

Worship for small groups from Musicademy Above are the notes from a seminar on small group worship that we presented while back. It’s packed with ideas for worship in a home group setting and there is plenty of interaction from the audience who share their issues and best practice.   We particularly liked this quote […]

Worship software evaluation. We compare some of the great but less well known options.

By admin | March 16, 2016

Worship software evaluation: SongSelect, OnSong, ZionWorx and Power Music – what do they do and which is best? Names like SongSelect, OnSong, ZionWorx and Power Music may mean nothing to you at all….but if you’re the person in charge of song projection or leading worship in your church you may have heard about them. You may even be wondering if […]