Worship Team Dynamics – the phases a new team must go through

By [email protected] | October 2, 2008

Dr Bruce Tuckman published his Forming Storming Norming Performing model in 1965. The theory is an elegant and helpful explanation of team development and behaviour which can be usfully applied to worship teams. Tuckman’s model explains the sequence that a team goes through as it team develops maturity and ability and relationships establish. The role […]

Geoff’s eco friendly mic storage tray

By Guest Blogger | June 23, 2014

It was with great sadness this week that we learnt of the passing of Geoff Boswell who we had the pleasure of working with in recent years. Geoff was an occasional blogger here at Musicademy and had also been involved in presenting live training seminars on PA as part of his role as a professional […]

Ask the Expert – Is there a way of storing sheet music on my ipad to use whilst leading?

By admin | November 16, 2012

Neil Jeremy asks: “Just been to one of your Musicademy Live Training Day at Tonbridge today and had a great day, with lots of very practical advice and ideas on how to develop our worship ministries in our church. Thank you very much, would definitely recommend that other musicians and worship leaders attend these training days. […]

Finally, a resource for selecting congregationally-friendly keys for worship songs!

By Kenny Lamm | November 15, 2012

One of the greatest obstacles to participative worship is singing songs in keys too high (or occasionally too low) for the average congregational singer. Understanding acceptable vocal ranges for average singers certainly helps worship leaders choose good keys, but for some, the process is quite a chore. Today I release a chart of the top […]