28 Do’s and Don’ts of Christmas service planning

By admin | December 10, 2019

Planning a Christmas service? Read this first DO plan well in advance and lock everything down in good time with the leaders DO choose and circulate your music/key choice well ahead of rehearsals. Christmas is often the one time of year when you have orchestral and brass instruments joining the band. They tend to prefer a […]

Free Christmas resources for churches

By admin | December 9, 2019

Here we have pulled together a helpful list of Christmas resources. Please feel free to add in your own finds to the comments at the bottom. Free Christmas resources for churches Christmas story narrations – Fantastic set of narrations of the Christmas story re-written for a variety of contexts. Also a fun story behind the development […]

Worship Training Day Facebook Live Videos

By admin | November 11, 2019

We had a fantastic training day in Maidstone and shared live footage from the day on Facebook Live videos. We’ve collected them all here (give them time to load) so you can watch. These were filmed using mobile phones from our host church volunteers so are not professionally edited of course. The sound is straight […]

What do you most struggle with as a worship musician?

By admin | October 7, 2019

That was the question we asked in our Facebook Group. 122 comments later and we have a really interesting crowdsourced list of concerns with many common themes. The summary is below but there is more detailed discussion, and some helpful advice for many of the topics that were raised in the original post, so do […]

Hymns! 8 new MultiTracks from David Woodman

By admin | September 23, 2019

We are delighted to have released eight new MultiTracks and Split Tracks that are contemporary arrangements of classic hymns. Arranged and recorded by our friend David Woodman, they are taken from David’s new album, Hymnal. The hymns available are: All For You (Take My Life) All People That on Earth do Dwell (Doxology) Come Let […]

What advice would you offer a first-time worship leader?

By admin |

Advice for worship leaders: a crowd-sourced list We asked the question “What advice would you offer a first-time worship leader?” and were amazed by the number of helpful (and funny) responses. So we’ve compiled this crowd-sourced list: Preparation Be as practically prepared as you can be – music in order, chords etc sent to band […]

How to choose the perfect cymbals: Buyers Guide

By Guest Blogger | August 21, 2019

Cymbals play an integral part of a drummer’s set up – it’s not something that should be overlooked. Cymbals project a distinctly recognisable sound, and they cannot be altered or tuned in the way that drums can. With a cymbal purchase, you truly have to be 100% confident that its sound is right for you […]