How to choose the perfect cymbals: Buyers Guide

By Guest Blogger | August 21, 2019

Cymbals play an integral part of a drummer’s set up – it’s not something that should be overlooked. Cymbals project a distinctly recognisable sound, and they cannot be altered or tuned in the way that drums can. With a cymbal purchase, you truly have to be 100% confident that its sound is right for you […]

Why do YOU go to church?

By Guest Blogger |

Why do YOU go to church? What are you expecting from our worship service and the people here? When you come on Sunday mornings to our church, what are you expecting? Local religious themed entertainment? Sing some songs, hopefully in your favorite style. Listen to some advertisements, … oops I mean announcements. Throw a few […]

Listening skills for worship musicians

By [email protected] |

Some time back I was in a church listening to the band play. They were doing all the right things but something about their sound did not facilitate the congregations’ worship as well as it might. The playing was ok and reasonably in time, the volume was appropriate, the pacing was fine, even the tuning […]

Worship Training Day: Maidstone 9th November 2019

By admin | July 30, 2019

A worship training day from Musicademy, SFL and Psalm Drummers Musicademy presents a packed training day for the whole worship team (or just come by yourself!). Features special guest vocal coach – Nicki Rogers, drums and percussion stream with Psalm Drummers and sound tech stream with SFL. The programme features: How to get songs working […]

How to lead worship with piano alone

By [email protected] | June 2, 2019

We’ve been looking recently at the challenges of working just with a piano or keyboard rather than a full worship band. We’ve compiled a list of songs suited for keys alone. There are also many keys training resources with helpful hints and tips on worship leading using keys. Our friend David Lee wrote a useful […]