New from Musicademy: Worship Team Workshops

By admin | January 3, 2018

Save 20% when you buy all three workshops Could your worship team spare just two hours for some invaluable practical training that will forever improve how you play together? Could they really use some band skills training but busyness and limited time constraints always seem to get in the way? Worship Team Workshop is a […]

“I don’t need a microphone do I?”

By admin | September 22, 2017

 Well actually, yes you do need to use a mic in church. Sometimes, especially in a small room, a speaker will arrive at the lecturn and, aware they are “good at projection” or “have a loud voice” and suggest that they can do away with the mic. I’m not sure whether this is a “man […]

Ask the Expert: Is it possible to receive too much direction from your Church Leadership?

By admin | September 6, 2017

  Worship and worship leading are often considered to be ‘high profile’ ministries by virtue of their ‘front and centre’ position in church meetings.  Musicians/worship leaders should reasonably expect to be held to high standards, and receive a certain amount of direction & input from the church leadership when it comes to the delivery of […]

5 lessons younger worship musicians can learn from older members

By admin | August 14, 2017

  Younger worship musicians learn important lessons from their involvement in the worship team and their interactions with veteran worship team members. They look to the experienced worship musicians as role models, advisers for musical inspiration and to grow in confidence. Indeed, they learn so much from interacting with, and watching how you lead your […]

5 tips for better guitar soloing

By Guest Blogger | August 10, 2017

Every single guitar player likes to play solos and they do most of the time. Even if you are a rhythm guitarist in a band, the chances are that you are mostly soloing while you practice. Solos are a great way to play the guitar. They sound amazing, they are like the songs within the […]

The 6 defining characteristics of a badly written song

By Guest Blogger | July 26, 2017

  Writer Laura Buckler has written this guest post for us. She tackles the topic of badly written songs regardless of whether they are “Christian” or secular in topic. The principles of good and bad song writing remain the same. Do you agree with her 6 main points? Can you think of worship songs that […]

10 “always bad” worship leader ideas

By Guest Blogger |

Us worship leaders are the creative types who like to think outside the box, like to do things artistically, and like to have new ideas. Some of those ideas are good. Some of those ideas are terrible. Here are some “always bad” worship leader ideas. 1. Spur-of-the-moment modulations 2. On-the-fly worship sermonettes in-between songs 3. […]

4 ways to reduce stage noise in church

By Guest Blogger | July 13, 2017

  The benefits of lowering stage noise are clear: Better sound Happy audience Positive feedback Amazing, right? The only question is: How can you reduce stage noise ? That’s easy: follow my guide below. Option 1 : Reduce drums volume Drum shield Drum shields are very effective in preventing stage noise. They are often used […]

Introducing the new “Plus” series for Acoustic Guitar and Bass

By admin | June 8, 2017

Three brand new courses for Guitar and Bass Our new Beginner and Intermediate ‘Plus’ courses are designed for guitar and bass players who are beyond the Beginner level but not quite ready for our Intermediate courses or beyond Intermediate but not yet ready for Advanced. How do they work? The courses explore skills and ideas […]