Gear confessional – Guitar amps

By [email protected] | May 7, 2010

Guitar amps for a worship musician I started getting into low wattage tube amps a few years ago when the THD Univalve came out. I had bought and sold various amps including Fenders (a twin and a Vibrolux), Marshalls, Musicmans (Musicmen?), Carvins, Voxes and some other stuff too and basically they were all way too […]

Gear Confessional – Pedals

By [email protected] | April 23, 2010

Guitar pedals for worship I confessed my many guitar habits a few weeks ago so now its time for the pedals. Like most guitarists I’ve spent ages trying to find the ultimate pedal board set up which seems to radically change the moment I think I’ve got it sorted. I sometimes play at a church in […]

Buyers Guide – DI boxes for guitarists

By [email protected] | April 2, 2010

It really is important to think about the DI box in your sound chain. Many people spend thousands on a beautiful guitar and acoustic pick up system and not think about how that sound actually gets into the PA. There are loads out there so worth doing some research. Here are a few options with […]

Gear Confessional – Guitars

By [email protected] | March 23, 2010

I’ve been looking over some of the worship websites in recent weeks and surprisingly some of the stuff that gets the most comments is the ‘what guitar do you use’ type of post. Now whilst I love going round the guitar shops one of the things I didn’t want to get into with the Musicademy […]

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts – Acoustic Guitarists

By Tim Bowdler | March 1, 2010

  The standard line-up in a worship band usually comprises worship leader/acoustic guitarist, lead guitarist, drums, bass, keyboards and a couple of backing singers. It’s rare for a band to have a lone acoustic guitarist. As a result nobody is really quite sure what to do with an acoustic guitarist who isn’t the worship leader […]

Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts – Lead Guitarists

By Tim Bowdler | February 16, 2010

Guitarists perform a fine balancing act in worship groups. They are there to embellish and add the icing on the metaphorical worship cake. If they bring too much icing with their grab-bag of tricks they can destroy something beautiful within seconds. Lead guitarists should be encouraged, though. Guitarists who choose an electric invariably see it […]