Beginners or Intermediate DVDs?

By [email protected] | November 9, 2008

Here’s a question from Dale in the US which I’ve posted as it comes up all the time. “I am a self-taught guitar player for the last ten years. i don’t know anything about music theory or some of the more technical terms i hear about and read on your guitar courses. I have led […]

FAQ – Song Learner Downloads vs the DVDs

By [email protected] | November 3, 2008

“Hi, i’m a bassist that plays in a church band and I wanted to know what’s the difference from getting the song learner seperately as a single download and getting the discs. I’d like to keep the songs (video) on my computer…Do you all show different fills, riffs, and slides into chords, etc. on your […]

Creating ‘pad’ sounds on guitar to add space

By Steve Weeks | October 16, 2008

This week I completed my New FX board and took it to church for a first outing on Sunday morning. The most exciting pedal is the Digitech EX-7. One setting allows me to fade in a slow swell of violin sounding stuff. This gave me the opportunity to do the “Pad-Thing” that the keyboard player […]

Playing In Tenths

By [email protected] |

Andy Chamberlain gives a guitar lesson teaching how to play in tenths on guitar. Here you play two notes in the same key that are ten intervals apart. Great for finding new chord voicings in D. This is the technique that the Delirious song Majesty was written using. This technique is also taught in depth […]

Using a High Strung Guitar

By And[email protected] | October 2, 2008

If you’ve got a spare acoustic guitar lying around, even a cheap one, why not convert it to a high strung or Nashville tuned guitar? This is a great way to get yourself effectively another different sounding instrument just for the cost of a packet of strings.

Small Amps – Great Sound

By [email protected] |

One of my missions in life is to get guitarists involved to consider buying a low wattage tube amp instead of aspiring to their favourite valve icon (some say I should get involved with more meaningful topics!). I’ve owned most of the most of the stuff that every guitarist wants including a 64 JMI AC30, […]