The 10 commandments of electric guitar

By [email protected] | January 30, 2014

Here’s our take on the 10 commandments for electric guitar players. Do you have any more commandments to add? Do check out the 10 Commandments of Bass too.   Have you seen the Musicademy worship training DVDs and downloads for guitar – beginning to advanced levels on acoustic and electric guitar. Worship guitar DVDs Worship […]

NEW! The Worship Guitar Collection

By admin | August 14, 2013

 We are pleased to announce a new set of instructional lessons for worship guitarists  The Worship Guitar Collection is a download-only set of 20 worship guitar lessons suitable for existing players. Each individual lesson teaches you a well known worship song. Even if you know how to play the song already you’ll pick up […]

Percussion techniques on acoustic guitar

By [email protected] | June 11, 2013

We recently came across a couple of videos of one of Andy’s old guitar tutors, the genius but but sadly passed away and much loved Eric Roche. Eric was an incredible player who was not only able to make an acoustic guitar sound like a full band, but one of a number of modern players […]

40% off our Play By Ear DVDs

By [email protected] | May 20, 2013

40% off flash sale. Learn to play by ear, without sheet music or chord charts We are offering our Play By Ear DVD set at a huge 40% off until the end of May. The course teaches you how to play by ear as well as gain a deeper understanding of what you can do with […]