Musicademy launches its new Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs

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Beginning Worship Guitar What if one guitar program could take you from beginner to competent musician with a years’ worth of lessons, tests and backing tracks? Musicademy’s new Beginning Worship Guitar Course is suitable for complete beginners and uses contemporary worship songs. The course is available now on DVD, downloads and via our subscription website […]

Musicians Practice Tracks DVD now HALF PRICE

By admin | November 19, 2012

Half price offer on 54 practice tracks Our Musicians Practice Tracks DVD is now HALF PRICE. What you get are 54 worship songs on one DVD with on-screen chords and words. Perfect for guitarists, keyboard players, bass, drums and even vocalists.   Click through to read why it’s got 5-star reviews by other customers. (Click […]

Guitar and Bass Song Learner DVDs now half price

By admin | November 2, 2012

The Musicademy “Song Learner” DVDs are now HALF PRICE. There are three DVDs for Guitar and three for Bass. On reflection, we’re not sure that Song Learner was really the best brand name for them as they are really about “How to Play a Worship Song Properly“. In a nutshell, each Song Learner DVD features 5-7 […]

The Musicademy Cut Out and Keep Guide to Chords in a Key

By admin | October 29, 2012

Useful guide showing you which chords to expect in any key If you find this useful (or it’s shown you how little you know), take a look at our Playing By Ear in Worship course. This covers all the necessary music theory to make you a far more proficient player.   If you need a […]

What chord comes next in a song?

By [email protected] | October 25, 2012

One of the members of the Musicademy website sent me what you can see in figure 1 below. He struggles with playing by ear and remembering the chords in common keys so he came up with this little chart that he sticks to his keyboard or guitar when he leads worship. The basic idea is […]

Learning to Play by Ear Part 2

By [email protected] | July 31, 2012

Previously we looked at how to work out all the chords available in the key of G and then use them to write a song.  I suggested you took an existing song and worked out which chords came where by listening to see which ones sounded major, which ones sounded minor and by the process […]