Ask the Expert – How do I get my backing vocalists away from the sheet music?

By [email protected] | December 7, 2009

Julie Meyer from Kansas emails: “I’m having trouble weaning my background vocals off of sheet music.  Any suggestions?  The problem is they stare at the music (sometimes 5 pages per song) the whole time and don’t really participate in worshiping (their most important role on the team).” Andy replies: You didn’t mention what they are […]

Learn to sing harmonies in church worship

By [email protected] | December 1, 2009

How to sing harmonies in church Have you ever wanted to learn to sing harmony in worship songs but just don’t seem to manage it as effortlessly as some singers do? With this new 2-DVD course (or online download) we have unlocked the secrets of harmony and backing vocals by teaching you easy-to-remember harmony lines […]

5 tips – Lead Vocals

By [email protected] | November 28, 2009

We’re nearly at the end of our 50 tips series (which I think has now grown into about 150 tips). This time we look at the art of lead vocals. It’s about leadership. You don’t have to be a great vocalist to be a great worship leader but you do have to be good at […]

Training days for the whole worship team – Surrey & Notts UK – Just £10 per person

By [email protected] | July 24, 2009

  Sound and Worship training Musicademy, in association with B&H present two special training events for musicians, technicians and leadership team members. Only £10 per delegate The day starts with worship led by Musicademy followed by a range of practical seminars and hands-on workshops covering: Plenary sessions for all delegates: Role of sound in worship Common […]

The Art of Backing Vocals

By [email protected] | June 8, 2009

The role of the backing singer I listened to a fascinating documentary about the art of backing vocals on BBC Radio 4 a couple of weeks ago. The title was R.E.S.P.E.C.T. – The Art of Backing Vocals. Presented by Nick Barraclough. Due to licensing issues its not possible for us to bring you the actual […]