Who killed the contemporary Christian music industry?

This article has resulted a lot of discussion on our Facebook Page.

It was originally shared by our friend, the producer Paul Burton, who said:
“We have this discussion on a weekly basis in our studio. Basically there was an explosion of worship music in the mid nineties which was new, fresh and successful, then suddenly labels refused to sign non worship artists. The general short sightedness of the business failed to foresee the extremely narrow creative window that congregational music inhabits, translating into musical and lyrical content that has become very generic and mostly uncreative, mainly to fit the requirements and limitations of congregational worship.

As we have seen, a large proportion of Christians are now very bored with listening to worship albums as they all sound very similar and can only be limited to certain lyrical content.

Now that sales are dropping off, labels, rather than widening the creative net, are narrowing it to hold onto those last few sales.
There is no way back from a business point of view until an artist can capture the imagination of the masses once again and has a label/marketing machine brave enough to propel it.”

But read the article (wait for it to load then click through to it via Facebook) and tell us what you think.

We came across this article, shared by our friend, the producer Paul Burton. Paul says: “We have this discussion on a…

Posted by Musicademy on Wednesday, June 3, 2015