Ask the Expert – Is there a way of storing sheet music on my ipad to use whilst leading?

Neil Jeremy asks:

“Just been to one of your Musicademy Live Training Day at Tonbridge today and had a great day, with lots of very practical advice and ideas on how to develop our worship ministries in our church. Thank you very much, would definitely recommend that other musicians and worship leaders attend these training days.

I have a question about worship software and using new technologies in worship have wasn’t part of todays agenda, but would value any knowledge that the Musicademy might have on the subject.

I have an iPad and have been trying to look a a way that I could store all my sheet music on it and use it as a digital song sheet when leading. I have just this week discovered CCLI Songselect which sounds great, but I’m still looking at a way to use it effectively. A friend recently mentioned seeing some worship leading using iPads, so I want to see if this is something you guys have any know of or advise on or if it could be an article you guys could do about using modern media tools in the worship context and maybe publish an article on this subject.”

We are delighted to give Neil a reply along with a detailed description of the Power Music product range which we’ve had first hand experience of and really rate.

Power Music from Cambron Software is great software for managing sheet music and chord sheets for digital display. You can store, manage and display all your music along with performance notes, annotations, and playlists using Power Music. Power Music is available for all Windows based PCs laptops and tablets and for all types of Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod touch.

Power Music 4 is the full featured version, but there is a free Windows version – Power Music Lite and a free Apple iOS app. All versions of Power Music have the ability to add audio for backing tracks, display instantly, transpose chord sheets, and set up playlists. You can search for your music by title, author and category. The PC version has extra searches – first line, lyrics, melody and Bible reference.

No internet connection is required to run the software when performing. A USB foot pedal is available for hands-free page turning.

You can enter your own music to Power Music 4 which has a chord sheet editor, PDF importer for chord sheets and sheet music and scanner software for sheet music. Depending on the size of screen you can display several pages side by side, using a pedal for page turning. Once entered into Power Music 4 all music can be transferred to the account holder’s PCs and Apple iOS devices using Power Music Box – Cambron’s unique cloud-based music storage and sharing system .

A new, unique type of music store – , launches today which provides Virtual Songbooks in complete Power Music format. Music purchased in the Power Music Store can immediately be downloaded to an iOS or Windows device using the built in Power Music Box facility. Cambron expect to expand the available content over time.

The free Power Music Box account gives users unlimited storage space for purchased songs and a limited amount of storage for the user’s own songs. At any time, users can upgrade their Power Music Box account to obtain more storage space for their own songs.

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