Christmas gift ideas for guitarists

Christmas gift ideas for guitarists

It’s that time of year again when rehearsals for Christmas services are ramping up and everyone is working on their best O Come All Ye Faithful chops for Christmas morning. On top of which everyone is shopping like mad for presents for friends and family. But have you thought about getting presents for your worship team? Christmas and Easter are the times the worship team has to work the hardest with extra practises and so on so why not show your appreciation with a gift that they can actually use to bless the team and the congregation.

No matter whether they’re just starting out on the Guitar or have been playing long enough to develop perfect pitch everyone needs a decent electronic tuner. Just like when you’re in the studio it’s important to banish the notion that tuning by ear is okay because if everyone in the band tunes by ear and everyone is slightly wrong, the sound is going to be a mess. A good tuner like the Boss TU-80 will keep your band in perfect tune and is compact enough to slip in a gig bag. The TU-80 also has another trick up its sleeve: a built in metronome with an output so you could put a click through an amp or PA during rehearsals or in headphones during a service. Bang in tune and bang on time (hey that’s what we all want from our musicians right?)!

Something everyone wants to banish from our music teams: dodgy guitar cables! From crackles and pops through to squealing, a guitar cable dying during a reflective Sunday morning ought to be a thing of the past! There’s a lot of hyper surrounding premium guitar cables that can cost a staggering amount of money, justified with ‘gold plated this’ and ‘oxygen free that’ but in the 48 years we’ve been trading we’ve only come across one premium guitar cable that we think is worth its price tag: Whirlwind cables are fantastic value and they’ll hold their own against cables that cost three times as much! The best bit is that Whirlwind cables are backed by a lifetime warranty. So your guitarist can have a cable they know they can rely on for life!

Lastly if they’re an electric guitarist why not encourage them to try and find some new sounds with effects pedals? The great thing about giving an effects pedal is that you’re the one that gets to decide what that new sound will be like! Overdrives, Choruses, Delays and Reverbs all work well in a worship setting and these are all available for around fifty pounds from our range of Mooer pedals. Mooer aren’t as famous a name as say Boss but we think the value for money on offer from Mooer (which are metal pedals with true bypass, almost unheard of at this price!) simple can’t be beat!

So take this opportunity to show your band how much you appreciate them and the extra work they put in this time of year whether it be with a Christmas gift for a guitarist or even just a card! The suggestions I’ve made and loads of others besides can be found and bought on Anderton’s Gift Ideas for Guitarists page so go check it out!

Thanks to Mark for these recommendations. We have a few of our own here.