Christmas gift ideas from Musicademy

Christmas gift ideas from Musicademy

Whether you are looking for low cost stocking fillers or something rather special for your significant other Musicademy has a great range of music-related gift ideas:

Stocking Fillers

Musicademy Vocals Warm-up and Work-out CDs

Vocals Workouts for Guys and Girls

Hand drumming (djembe, bongo, congas) and percussion

Drums Work-Out CD

Bass and Guitar Song Learner DVDs (half price)

Improvisation for Orchestral Instruments (half price)

Our original Beginners and Intermediate Worship Guitar DVDs (half price)

Musicians Practice Tracks DVD

Special Gifts – DVD Box Sets

Everyone loves a DVD box set for Christmas!

Guitarists – including our brand new Beginners Guitar box set

Keyboard players




Musicians wanting to play by ear