Ask the Expert – We’re a church plant with a $10k budget – What sound equipment should we buy?

Ask the Expert – We’re a church plant with a $10k budget – What sound equipment should we buy?

At our live Ask the Expert session Timothy Shin asked:

“How would you advise a church plant with $10k budget for sound equipment to get started off well? (contemporary worship style/look)”

Tim Horton, SFL:
The most critical piece of kit you can buy is the SPEAKERS.

I would try to spend 50% of your budget on speakers wherever possible. Mics, stands and cabling are cheap and easy to replace / supplement, speakers are not. The core of the sound comes from the speakers, no matter how good the singer / desk / mic / cable / EQ / compression if the speakers are rubbish, the sound will be rubbish.

Give me a fantastic speaker and a cheap mixing desk and mic any day!

Geoff Boswell, Audioplan:
The speakers in my church are 26 years old and we are still using them – Meyer UPA-A’s

Find a local company that has good proven up to date track record with churches similar to yours and take their advice. Get to trust them and they will help you through the process. Unless they let you down stay loyal to them – it will pay dividends long term.

Anthony Lear:
This is a nice amount to play with. I am guessing it needs to be portable? The main things I would look for would be durability. Moving stuff all the time can cause things to break quicker. Invest in good cases which can protect it more

Jarod Richardson:
I agree with both of these gents. You could also spin things a little and say “we need to use the budget for the big ticket items, but would you mind partnering with us to outfit our stage?” Have a list ready and explain to folks that you have the gear listed that you need and that you’ve selected that gear for quality and longevity reasons and let them bless your music ministry!