What are the common problems in church sound?

Announcing an exciting new series on the problems of church sound.

We had an email from Rowland who says:

“As one of the soundmen in our church I was wondering if its possible to have a feature on problems encountered and what could be the causes and resolutions.”

Now that’s a pretty broad question and one we could probably fill an entire website with so we thought we’d ask you to suggest the problems you face and also have all of you voting on the problems you’d like us to tackle.

So pop your problems and questions in the comment box below (or over on the Facebook Page) and simply “Like” to vote up the problems that others have listed that you’d like to hear a solution to.

The questions will be answered by the fantastic team of professional sound technicians at SFL Group who are busy sharpening their pencils in anticipation.

(Oh and it’s not just for sound”men”…)


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