Communion By Numbers – Worship Idea

Communion By Numbers – Worship Idea

Chris Murray, an Anglican clergyman emailed us to say:

“I found Jonny Baker’s article most stimulating. I love words, write poetry, have had some published, but want to use it far more widely. I have al’s book “Alternative Worship,” and love it – have used parts. I’d be very interested in the Eucharistic Prayers he referred to, other ideas on worship activities, and contemporary contemplative-type music.”

Jonny has kindly given us some further articles and links to various prayers and activities around communion. We’ll post them over the next few days.

The first is called Communion by Numbers

communion by numbersLast night at grace was the first communion by numbers. When people arrived they were given a drink and stood chatting in the waiting area. then we all went through and sat down at tables. At each table were 9 numbered envelopes. every time a bell rings the table open an envelope and follows the instructions. the envelopes sort of followed the basic liturgical structure of the communion service. It worked brilliantly – we set people off and they were away – no leadership required… the envelopes went something like…

text forgiveness1. introduce yourselves, slips of paper with questions to ask each other
2. iconic candle making kit with a night light, strip of acetate with the last supper image on and two paper clips. give thanks for things that have happened this week.
3. text a confession on your mobile phone to the number prefacing it with the word confess (an absolution with the words you are forgiven is triggered by the keyword confess)
4. read story of thomas – share stories of doubt and surprise
5. peace – toast glasses proposing a toast of affirmation to someone round the table
6. share what you are thankful for about jesus. share what you want to remember about jesus. use images of christ enclosed to spark discussion
7. share bread and wine round the table after listening to the prayer. a bottle of wine and bread were already in place on each table (duncan wandered around doing bill’s prayer).
8. invite the group to share concerns for prayer – take one of the night lights and light it for each prayer
9. go and collect a plate of hot towels (the kind you get after a curry – we got some from a warehouse locally!) – say a blessing and use the towel

The texting confession was brilliant! The absolutions didn’t come until later during the sharing of bread and wine – coincidence or divine intervention?!

The hot towels was another great idea…

I’m sure this will become a grace regular service. It could have as many takes as you like…