We’re in danger of “new song overload” according to Dave Bilbrough

We’re in danger of “new song overload” according to Dave Bilbrough

It’s time to do much more with our worship according to Abba Father writer Dave Bilbrough

The trend towards fresh worship expression can quickly lead to ‘new song overload’.

That’s the view of worship leader Dave Bilbrough, one of the fathers of modern-day worship.

In an article in the upcoming Resources magazine, Dave offers seasoned advice to the next generation of worship leaders.

‘There are so many new songs available that the congregation has no time to learn or digest them,’ he told Resources. ‘Worship gatherings can also lapse into a spectator event with the worship band sticking to personal and current favourites, overlooking the needs of the congregation.’

He also believes there should be more variety in worship. ‘Many would regard modern worship as formulaic. Lyrical themes could be explored much more. Alongside praise, let’s include intercession, lament, protest and story-orientated songs as part of our Sunday morning repertoire.’

He is upbeat, however, about many changes over the years.

‘Everywhere I see resources available to worship teams and congregations,’ he said. ‘We have shifted a long way from felt-tip inscribed acetates! Projection of words, electric fold-down screens, resources through YouTube, OnSong, chords readily available on the internet, downloadable backing tracks, training days as well as online tutorials – all have increased the capacity to learn and process much which is new.’

Dave, who has written songs sung all around the world in worship and continues to write and travel extensively, points out how many churches no longer see the minister and organist as sole contributor’s during Sunday morning worship.

‘The widening of the team provides great opportunities,’ he said. ‘Though there’s still a long way to go, it has been so good to see more female worship leaders. The modern worship idiom, generally speaking, has given greater voice to those who are younger.’

Dave Bilbrough, writer of songs such as “Abba Father”, “I am a New Creation” and “All Hail the Lamb” is one of the fathers of the modern day worship movement. He continues to travel and write songs and lead worship extensively.  www.davebilbrough.com

Dave is appearing at The Christian Resources Exhibition in May (and indeed this article first appeared on their website)


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