What’s the difference between the old and new Beginners Guitar DVDs?

Our old Beginner’s Guitar Course was one of the original 3 DVD sets we made back in 2004. That product still stands on its own as a great value way of learning to play guitar from scratch but as you can imagine we’ve developed a lot since then. So our new Beginning Guitar 4 DVD set is very much a culmination of everything we’ve learnt in the last 8 years.

We’ve packed in more chords and grouped them into easy-to-play cheats, more strumming patterns and patterns in different time signatures, more play alongs and tips and techniques. We’ve included a lot more on transposing for beginners so you can use the chords you’ve learnt to play in any key and even using those chords to give you the option of two or three different voicings!

Plus there’s more songs to learn, more camera angles, better graphics, better backing tracks, and also12 tests you can come back to time and again to help you keep track of your progress. But overall in the new Beginning Guitar course the learning is worked into many more contexts making you a much more competent player by the end of the course.


New Beginning Guitar DVD Old Beginners Guitar DVD
10 hours 4 DVDs 6 hours 3 DVDs
35 guitar chords 20 guitar chords
+ easy to play cheat chords grouped into keys
15 strumming patterns 7 strumming patterns
Play in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time Play in 4/4 time
Power chords Power chords
Slash chords
Finger picking patterns over 4 songs Finger picking over 1 song
Finger pick in 4/4, 3/4 and 6/8 time Finger pick in 4/7
Play songs in 3 capo positions play with 1 capo position
Capo for making complex keys easy
Capo for playing using different voicings
Understand chord charts Understand chord charts
Learning the notes on the neck Learning notes on the neck
Tuning Tuning
Picking and strumming technique
Damping strings
Transpose hard songs into guitar friendly keys
Video play alongs for every song
Song backing tracks for daily practice
3 camera angle shots 3 camera angle shots
On screen graphics On screen graphics
12 tests to maximise your learning
10 worship songs 5 worship songs
A New Hallelujah (3 chords in G) Here I am to worship (4 chords in D)
Praise is Rising (4 chords in G) Forever (4 chords in G)
Our God (5 chords in G) God of Wonders (5 chords in G)
Your Grace is enough (7 chords in G) Blessed Be (4 chords in A)
Beautiful One (7 chords in D) Better is One Day (6 chords in E)
How He Loves (4 chords in C)
My Soul Sings (7 chords in C)
Open Eyes of my Heart (4 chords in E)
Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone (7 chords in E)
Indescribable (chords in multiple keys)

So which to buy?

Well if you are on a really tight budget, the original Beginners Guitar DVD set is now half price and is a great value way of getting to grips with worship guitar. But, if you have a bit more money to spend then the new course is longer, more comprehensive and contains 10 more up-to-date songs.

We’ve still got a few copies of the old DVD set available so as an extra special offer we are making it available as a bundle pack when you buy the new set. Click through and simply add in the old set as an optional extra.