Download Musicademy’s entire DVD collection online

Download Musicademy’s entire DVD collection online

Digital downloads instead of DVDs

We’ve spent the past few months digitising almost all our portfolio of DVDs so that you can now buy them as online downloads.

You’ll enjoy a 20% discount when you buy a full course at the same time (which will include ALL the content from the DVD set) as well as instant access to your lessons.

Since the downloads have been live we’ve already found plenty of people buying a single download as a way of sampling the full course for a few pounds/dollars.

What’s included in each download depends on the course but we’ve generally split each DVD set into about 10-20 parts. Each part includes the teaching videos, tips and interviews as well as backing tracks in many cases.

What devices will the downloads work on?

We’ve tested the downloads on PC and Mac computers/laptops, Kindle Fire, iPhones, Android and Windows phones, iPad, Android handheld devices etc etc. Basically if you can usually download video to your device, it should work flawlessly.

How do I buy the downloads?

You head over to the webstore and choose your instrument from the selection. A new menu will appear which offers you the choice of various DVDs or DOWNLOADS. Click downloads and you’ll then see which courses are available in that format. The Guitar options are shown in the screen clip above. Select the downloads you want, add them to your cart and go to the checkout. You will then be emailed with links to download your lessons.

What if I already have the DVDs? Do I really need to pay the full price again?

NO! We’re going to give you a huge 80% discount!

We know that many people would find it useful to additionally have our lessons available on their iPad, Kindle Fire, Smart Phone or laptop and we’re not going to insist that you have to pay full price again!

We do have some genuine costs to cover with hosting and downloading these lessons (as well as license fees to pay to the publishers of the songs used) so we carried out a little impromptu research on Facebook to see how you would feel about paying again but at a hugely discounted rate.

So if you would like to do that just send us an email for an 80% off coupon code. If you have your original purchase order number that would help (just login to your account and look at your purchase history to find it). If you bought your DVD many many years ago and there seems to be no record of your purchase still send us an email and we’ll work it out for you.

Wanting the downloads as a gift?

It’s really easy to give or receive the downloads as a gift. Simply purchase one of our Gift Vouchers (in amounts from 5.00 upwards). Just think how you could encourage a young musician in their playing by gifting them a couple of lessons.