Facebook competition result

The nice people at Fangager have done a scan of our Facebook page to help us identify our “most engaged fan” in the month leading up to the date we hit 2,000 fans.

You can see that Kathleen Trissel is the clear winner having posted multiple videos, quotes and links as well as receiving comments and likes for her content. Well done Kathleen – please let us know which DVD set you would like to receive.

We also promised to give a runners-up prize. Brad Schlievert wins a copy of the Worship Backing Band MultiTrack player and five MultiTracks of his choice.

And we’ll be in touch with Tim Brown about a “suitable” prize. Have you noticed that in “liking” Kathleen and Brad’s posts so many times you helped them into the lead?!! In all seriousness though, Tim has been a big brand advocate for Musicademy for many years, both in his previous role in Christian retail and more recently online. His (somewhat English cynical) humour is peculiar to him and other members of the ubiquitous Brown family, but we’ve appreciated the funny, and occasionally insightful and serious comments.

Thanks all for entering into the spirit of the competition. Its been great to see so much more activity on Facebook. One thing you might want to be aware of is that Facebook’s algorithm is such that it doesn’t really strongly promote new posts created by people other than the Page’s administrators. That’s why you see our new posts in your feeds but probably missed a lot of Kathleen’s. Please continue to comment and like our posts. It really does help us get the word out to a market that is really very difficult to penetrate otherwise.