Could your church or business do with some help on Facebook marketing?

Could your church or business do with some help on Facebook marketing?

New Facebook marketing guide published

Musicademy resident social media expert (and Musicademy co-founder), Marie Page, was commissioned to write an extensive practical guide to Faceboook marketing by leading digital marketing website SmartInsights. Here it is made exclusively available (without the need for SmartInsights membership) to friends of Musicademy. You’ll find lots of insight into how Marie uses Facebook to help with Musicademy’s social media marketing strategy. The ebook is 114 pages and 25,000 words – really packed with ideas and case studies to help improve your Facebook marketing.

This second edition is bang up-to-date and was released in October 2013. You can view some sample pages and buy it here.

Why is Musicademy selling this? What on earth does it have to do with worship?

Marie regularly speaks at Christian conferences such as Breakforth, Canada on topics to do with digital marketing and social media. Of course in those seminars she makes it very relevant to churches and Christian ministries, but the principles behind good Facebook marketing practice are the same regardless of which market you are working in.

So if you have a church Facebook Page or work in marketing and want a helping hand with improving what you do on Facebook, check it out.

How will this guide help me?

Facebook is a global phenomenon, it doesn’t need an introduction when it has over one billion users worldwide, with over half of these users active daily.

For marketers engaging these users with their brands is an increasing challenge. How do you make the most of this opportunity to market brands? That’s what this guide focuses on. This practical guide will help you:

    • Setup and review a business page that makes the most of Facebook’s features
    • Create a plan for managing Facebook communications in your company or for your clients
    • Grow your fans and engage them through your status updates
    • Use Facebook advertising cost-effectively
    • Encourage sharing and advocacy amongst your fans
    • Encourage sales through Facebook

What does the Smarter Facebook guide include?

Marie Page, the author of this guide, is an active Facebook marketer. She has packed this guide with practical tips and ideas for you to use, sharing her experience of what has worked for her and her clients and what hasn’t.

    • Understanding the mindset of Facebook users to better persuade them to engage
    • Sections on using Facebook to Reach, Interact, Convert and Engage your audience
    • A checklist of 10 key techniques to improve the marketing effectiveness of your Facebook Page
    • Tips and ideas on the best types of content to share
    • Packed with examples from a range of companies in different sectors to inspire ideas on the best types of content to share