FAQ – Song Learner Downloads vs the DVDs

“Hi, i’m a bassist that plays in a church band and I wanted to know what’s the difference from getting the song learner seperately as a single download and getting the discs. I’d like to keep the songs (video) on my computer…Do you all show different fills, riffs, and slides into chords, etc. on your videos?”
David Wooliston

Thanks for the question David. In a nutshell:
– The online Song Learner videos are the same in terms of content with the DVDs
– The online videos will only play on a computer, the dvds on computer or DVD player
– The DVD quality is much higher than online video
– You can take the content from the DVDs onto your computer if you like

If you are wanting most of the Song Learner lessons I would recommend the DVDs. If you just want to try one or two lessons then go the online route.

I would also say that the main Musicademy Beginners/Intermediate Worship Bass Course DVDs are our “core” product. These have onscreen graphics, input from lots of worship leaders and pro players, and are a thorough step by step teaching programme. They are far far more than the Song Learners so do have a think about the Intermediate bass course for you as well.

(This answer applies equally to the guitar song learners)