FAQ – Why are there no Drum DVD Song Learners?

Chris Allen asked this question:

“Hi, i recently purchased the drum lesson dvd disc 2, i found it a great help but i was disappointed that there was no play-a-long tracks minus the drums for us to practice too even if we had to download them separately would make it a much better deal, also it would be nice to have some song learner in the drums section.”

Hi Chris. Thanks for the email

Firstly on the song learners, we did think about making them for drums but ultimately we were just a bit unsure about their commercial viability. As so many of the current worship songs have fairly similar grooves it would be quite hard to differentiate the learning from the skills that are already on the beginners and intermediate courses.

So what we did do on the main drum DVDs was to concentrate on incorporating more songs and play throughs than on our other DVD courses. With these, plus the extra 3rd camera and more animated graphics than our other series it really meant that we had to drop the backing tracks so as to come in on time and budget.

However, for those still wanting backing tracks, we are in the process of producing a practice tool that you can select without drums and will include lots and lots of well known worship songs, not just the ones you learn on the DVDs.

It should be available in the next few months so we will keep you posted.