Featured Resource – Guitar Song Learners PLUS get a coupon for a FREE online lesson

Song Learners are about learning brand new songs, Right? Wrong! Song Learners are actually about learning to play well known worship songs. Properly.

Imagine this; you’ve picked up a guitar, maybe a few weeks ago maybe even a few years ago, you’ve learnt a good few chords and a couple of strumming patterns. So you decide to join the worship team, and for the first time you’re actually playing the worship songs you love. The thing is, even though you’re playing mostly the right chords, it doesn’t sound exactly like it should, and when you get to that F/A chord you just ignore that. Or play F, or maybe A because F’s a bit tricky. Then you hit the song where none of your 3 strumming patterns quite fit, so Happy Day turns into a bit of a jig…Morris Dancers will be led to the Lord, but everyone else is now looking a bit awkward, so you play your ‘Emergency Chorus’ where everyone is guaranteed to put their hands in the air, but the keyboard player starts Shout to the Lord in Bb and you only know it in G, so here comes that F/A again…

In reality many worship songs are written around a set of ‘cheat’ chord shapes that are easy to play with the odd single finger movement but unless someone shows you those exact cheats it can look really confusing if you try and work it out from a songbook or a chord chart.

So with a Song Learner lesson that’s exactly what we do. Each worship song is broken down into a detailed 20-30 minute guitar lesson where we unpack each part of the song with all the chord cheats, strumming and picking patterns and idiosyncrasies for you to play the song well – and properly. We then play every section together SLOWLY and eventually build it all back up again so you can play the entire song from start to finish at the right speed.

This is a great way of learning new skills beyond the basics that are bite sized, easy to master and easy to transfer to other songs, especially if you’ve only got limited time to invest. So as well as learning to play a worship song you also build up your guitar knowledge library too, with loads of new chords in different keys, how to play slash chords, cheats for barre chords, over 20 strumming patterns, finger picking patterns, cheats for playing in weird keys and much, much more.

We’ve got three volumes of Guitar Song Learners with 6 or 7 songs on each volume and they are designed to get more complex as you progress through the DVDs. So the beginning of volume 1 is way easier than the last song on volume 3, which teaches you the exact acoustic guitar part of David Crowder’s version of ‘All Creatures of our God and King’, note for note, including all the twiddly bits!

So if you have some basic guitar skills, can play straightforward songs all the way through with basic chords and want to take your playing up to the next level, try a guitar Song Learner DVD or download, that F/A might not seem so frightening after all!

And to further encourage you, use the coupon code SONG LEARNER when you buy one song learner lesson to get another lesson absolutely free. (When you use this voucher at the checkout and you have 2 online Song Learner lessons in your cart you will only pay for one, or if you have any of the Song Learner DVDs in your cart you will get a $4.54 or £3.49 discount instead.) The coupon even applies to our online Rock & Pop lessons so if you fancy learning a bit of U2, Guns N Roses or even Lynyrd Skynyrd you  can – there are over 60 lessons to choose from.