Free lesson from the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course

This lesson, taken from Musicademy’s Intermediate Acoustic Worship Course DVDs starts to get into the real meat of the course as we take the chords further and look at cheats and substitutes in the key of C. As with other lessons we take it deeper with some licks and tricks that work well with ‘C’ shapes and finally have some great tips on song selection and set lists from Tim Hughes, Vicky Beeching and Noel Richards. If you’ve been the kind of worship leader or player that has always stuck mainly to some ‘G’ based shapes this lesson will massively expand your chord library.

You can download the free chart of Substitute and Cheat Chord in C. And of course there is LOADS more on the full set of lessons than just this short section.

35 minutes of worship guitar lessons including:

  • Using substitute chords in C
  • Vicky Beeching on choosing a set list
  • Tim Hughes on preparing for worhsip
  • Licks and tricks in C
  • Musician signals
  • Noel Richards on song selection

Taken from Musicademy’s Intermediate Acoustic Worship Course DVDs. 

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