Free discussion resource for housegroups from Seth Godin

Free discussion resource for housegroups from Seth Godin


I’m a huge fan of marketing blogger Seth Godin. The way he makes you think about business, life and marketing kind of turns your brain upside down.

He’s recently released a free e-book of single page compilations from 70 influential writers and thinkers called “What Matters Now“.

Now this isn’t a Christian book as such but there was so much in it that I felt could be used as starting points for a house group style discussion that I circulated it to my housegroup recently and asked them each to choose a page and talk about it. The result was one of the best sessions we’ve had in a long time – it was difficult to stop people talking and it also worked well as an introduction to the new year – considering how we should “be” rather than what we should “do”.

If your group are not of the open minded variety, they might find the mental leap to a book as much about the philosophy of running a business in the 21st century a bit of a stretch. If so, or if you don’t want to overwhelm them maybe choose a few pages to circulate rather than the entire book. The ones we liked were Ease (page 11), Strengths (page 22), Enrichment (page 16), 1% (page 17), Slow Capital (page 55), Power (page 29), Productivity(page 68), World-Healers (page 11), Most (page 21), Passion (page 51), Change (page 50) and Confidence (page 54).

Let us know what you think.