Free download of Dan Wilt’s book Worship White Noise

Free download of Dan Wilt’s book Worship White Noise

Here’s a real treat for you. We’ve discovered that our friend Dan Wilt from The Vineyard in the USA is giving away his book Worship White Noise.

Dan’s book brings up much wisdom within the ongoing conversation about the good, bad and ugly of contemporary worship.

We’d highly recommend it both as food for thought and as a group discussion topic. All you need is to click the link to download.

Check out these reviews:

MATT REDMAN – “Dan Wilt is a really wise teacher on worship, and this is a really helpful book. He instructs us that worship is more than music, but it can be renewed by music. Through this book Dan give lots of great insights on leading congregational worship, and on music in general – always reminding that worship ultimately involves our whole lives. Recommended reading!”

JOHN MARK MACMILLAN – “In Worship White Noise, Dan Wilt opens a timely conversation for those of us who have been given a responsibility to cultivate the expression of our community. I love his willingness to redraw lines, reimagine the language of what we have called “worship,” to approach the subject in a fresh, holistic manner. This book speaks to the tension that many leaders now face – and that much of the church will need to address in the days to come.”

ANDY PARK – “Dan Wilt’s ebook, Worship White Noise, came to me at the perfect time, partly because I’m venturing into performing music in public venues. Dan gives us solid, biblically based perspective on God’s calling to artists to use their gifts in all kinds of cultural arenas. In White Noise, Dan provides helpful language and definitions of what it means to be a Christian Creative, reflecting God’s image through our art, both inside and outside the church walls.