Free video split track worship backing track

Free video split track worship backing track

Free backing track for February – Video Split Track/Lyric Track

To mark some fantastic new price deals for our Video Split Track backing tracks, this month our free backing track is a Video Split Track rather than a MultiTrack. Don’t know the difference? Well a Video Split Track is a stereo backing track with fully mixable vocals together with automated on-screen video lyrics. It’s an MP4 (video MP3) that you use in iTunes or any standard free media player and as they aren’t multi tracks, you don’t need any kind of multi track player to use it.  The “split track” vocals mean that you can choose the volume level of the vocal from 0 to full via your left/right audio balance so that you can hear either no vocals, a little vocals or a full vocal lead.

Being a lyric video, this product can also be used by our Ableton users who want video lyrics to go alongside their Pro Wav audio stems.
Video Split Tracks are perfect for churches and small groups with or without confident worship leaders or lead singers.

Download the free Video Split Track – Bigger Than The Air I Breathe (You) by Tim Hughes

Bigger Than The Air I Breathe (You) is a great song by Tim Hughes with co-writers Rob Hill and (Musicademy guitar tutor) Jon Mann Smith. It’s totally free of charge during February. There is also a super chord chart to go with the song.  Click HERE to access our song list with all our tracks listed.

Chord chart

We’ve also created a super chord chart to go with this song. The super chord charts exactly follow the our split and multi track versions of the song and even include a groove guide and strumming patterns. The song is split into sections, there are full lyrics as well as bar lines and the correct guitar chords.


Interested in buying more split tracks?

We’ve launched some great new bundle price deals on split tracks which means you can access these great, simple-to-use backing tracks for as little as $2 (£1.32) a song. Buy them at either the Worship Backing Band or Musicademy websites.


You’ll see prices either in pounds sterling or US dollars depending on where in the world you are.