Free guitar lesson – Subsitute chords and tricks in C

Here’s a lesson taken from our Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course. The course is available on DVD or as individual downloads – see trailer below.

We’ve created cheat sheets like the one below for each of the keys where we teach substitute chords on the course.

The great thing about the these C based shapes is that when you get to the F chord you don’t have to play a barre and if you are moving from an F to a G then all you have to do its slide everything up two frets. Simples!

The 1/3 (C/E) and 5/7 (G/B) chord options are used a lot so try those too.

See also the second set of chords which provide even closer sounding and easier to finger voicings in C. The idea here is that your little finger stays on string 1 (top E) fret 3 at all times, your index finger just plays string 2 (B string) fret 1 where necessary and the other shapes are formed just with your middle or ring fingers. This is probably the most efficient way to cover all chords in any of the open keys and sounds so smooth too! Again these shapes are taken from our Acoustic Intermediate Worship Guitar course so if you want to get loads more ideas and applications for them take a look at the DVD.