Free Worship Resources Index – Posts on Drums

Musicademy produces instructional DVDs for Beginning Drums as well as Intermediate players. There is also a drum work-out CD. Below are links to all the articles and posts on the blog area of our website of interest to drummers.

Drum articles

How to build a suitcase drum kit

How many cymbals for Sunday?

Drum screens – cage free or free range?

To drum screen or not to drum screen? That is the question.

A buyers guide to hand drums and percussion

New hand drum and percussion DVD set released

How to record drums

Do you ever feel that musicians are taken advantage of?

Percussion articles

Ask the Expert: Learning Cajon Drum

Ask the expert: How to play the egg shaker

Top ten Do’s and Don’ts- Percussionists

Top 5 djembe drumming techniques you need to master

Free lessons & video clips

Free Lesson: First Ever Break

Free Lesson: Limb- Independence

Free Lesson: Using bounce strokes

Percussion in worship: The egg shaker- part 1 and part 2

Rehearsing tips and ideas for worship musicians

Free Lesson: Didgeridoo in worship

Free Practise Backing Track: Everlasting God

Free Lesson: Your first rhythm

Developing the drumbeats you already know. -Part 1

Developing the drumbeats you already know- Funky backbeat- Part 2

Developing the drumbeats you already know- Part 3

Free Lesson: Soca beats

Free Lesson: Djembe in worship

Free Lesson: Linear drumming

Tips & advice for drummers

Ask the Expert: What cajon would you recommend?

Ask the Expert: How to play drums with brushes

Tips to pass onto your drummers

You don’t always have to have a drummer

Ask the Expert: Advice on using a drum screen

Its been a hard days night – Nick Langley on why the drums in church are always apparently too loud

50 tips for Drummers

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts – Drummers

Why and how to play to a click – a guide for worship teams

10 tips for maximising your practise time

Ask the Expert: Where to go for drum resources

What to do with an Arbiter Flats drum kit that is (shock) too quiet

Worship Leader Magazine review of the Hand2Hand DVD