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We’ve now got so many posts on our blog that finding the one you want can take all day. So here is a handy list of all the guitar related posts. There is loads of brilliant material here so do bookmark the page and come back to it when you need some inspiration.

Free Lessons & Video Clips

Free beginning worship guitar lessons

Power chords – a cheats’ guide to playing difficult chords

Free Lesson: How to use CAGED chords on electric guitar

Free Worship Guitar Lesson: Playing Hymns on the Guitar-The Power of the Cross

Free Lesson: Use CAGED chords to play Blessed be Your Name- Electric Guitar

Free Lesson: From the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar Course

Free Lesson: From our Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVD

Free Lesson: Using CAGED chords

Creating guitar parts for worship: space and dynamic

Creating guitar parts for worship: range and density

Creating guitar parts for worship: rhythmic division

Transposing on guitar (Otherwise known as “Which fret does the capo go on?)

Transferring from guitar to bass

Electric guitar styles: The U2 sound

Free Electric Guitar Lesson: Using double stops in worship

Hendrix style double stops

Free Backing Track: Everlasting God

Strumming patterns for worship guitar

Strumming pattern to Open the Eyes of my Heart

Video clip: Tips for acoustic guitarists

Practical ideas on chord charts and notation

Travis picking demonstration

Worship guitar techniques uncovered: Playing in 6ths

Lapsteel guitar – Nothing But the Blood of Jesus

Understanding extended chords

Conclusive proof that guitarists don’t need to read music – funny

Practical musicianship and music theory

The cut out and keep guide to how chords work

The Musician’s “Cut Out & Keep” Guide to Transposing

The Musicademy Cut Out and Keep Guide to Chords in a Key

Transposing on guitar

What chord comes next in a song?

Playing by ear part 1

Playing by ear part 2 – Nashville Numbering explained

I’m a little bit rock and roll – Nick Langley on Nashville Numbering (part 1)

I’m a little bit rock and roll – Nick Langley on Nashville Numbering (part 2)

Its a mad, mad, mad, mad world – Nick Langley on slash chords

Transferring from guitar to bass

How to teach beginners guitar – a new approach

5 tips for better soloing

Gear – Pedals

A guide to guitar effects pedals for beginners

Annoying pedal boards

What guitar picks do you use? (Yes really!)

Gear confessional: My pedal rig (for those who care!)

Capos – a crutch for lesser guitar players or a stylistic tool?

Pedaltrain Mini – downsizing my rig

Which pedals do I need to start playing in a worship band? Part 1, part 2 & part 3

Gear confessional: Pedals

Pedals for acoustic guitars

Gear – Guitars

Gear Confessional: Guitars-Ben Mizen

Buyers Guide: Small, classy acoustic guitars

Buyers Guide: Good acoustic guitars

Light Weight Les Paul?

Lightweight Les Paul of Love part 2

Gear confessional: Tokai Goldstar Sound ST60

Buyers guide: Good quality acoustic guitars

Would you recommend a McPherson guitar?

Gear confessional: Guitars

Recommended acoustic guitars for worship leading

Andy’s Squire Telecaster

Flow chart – Do you have too many guitars?

Gear – Amps

Small amp, great sound –  part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4 and part 5

Acoustic guitar amp recommendations

Gear confessional: Amps

Mini tube heads

Ask the Expert: Low wattage valve amps and small speaker combo

Ask the Expert: Guitar expansion cabinets

Is your guitar too loud?

Other Gear

Buyers Guide – DI boxes

Why DI?

Downsizing my rig – the all-in-one gig bag

Ask the Expert: Recommendations on humbuckers for a modified Strat

Using a capo to play guitar in awkward keys

Strumming patterns

Agnus Dei

Come Now is the Time to Worship

Days of Elijah


God of Wonders

Holy is the Lord

Hosanna (Praise is Rising)

Jesus Messiah

Lord Reign in Me (Over all the Earth)

Mighty to Save

My Redeemer Lives

Open the Eyes of My Heart

Our God Saves

Revelation Song

Your Grace is Enough

Shout to the Lord

Hallelujah – Your Love is Amazing

The Stand

Recommended songs for beginning worship guitar players


What chord comes next in a song?

The failsafe method of working out which chords fit in a key

Substitute chords in G

Substitute chords in B

Substitute guitar chords in A

Substitute guitar chords in E

Substitute guitar chords in D

Substitute chords for the key of C

Add9 guitar chords for adding beauty

‘5′ chords for strength and power

Substitute chords – B with a detuned E

Capo positions for awkward keys

Easy chords for the key of F

Chord of the Month – Emaj9

Chord of the Month – E7#9 (the Jimi Hendrix chord)

Chord of the Month – A5

Chord of the Month – Em11

Chord of the Month – EmM7

Chord of the Month – Dsus2 new shape

Chord of the Month – Eadd9

Chord of the Month – D7sus4

Guitar lick of the Month

Its a mad mad mad mad world – Nick Langley on slash chords

Super chord chart sample and More “super” chord charts

Top Tips for Guitar

50 tips – Acoustic guitar

12 Tips for Electric guitarists (from our 50+ Tips series)

The 10 Commandments of Electric Guitar

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts- Lead guitarists

Top 10 Do’s and Don’ts- Acoustic guitarists

Guitar Know How – money saving & some quick tips

The failsafe method of working out which chords fit a key

Practical ideas on chord charts and notation

8 reasons why your guitar won’t stay in tune

10 tips for maximising your practise time

Why and how to play to a click – a guide for worship teams

Ask the Expert

Ask the Expert: Acoustic pedals for alternating pick and finger styles

Ask the Expert: Guitar pick advice (yes really!)

Ask the Expert: Choosing strumming pattern

Ask the Expert: DVDs for lead guitar?

Ask the Expert: How can I stop my plectrum/pick slipping?

Ask the Expert: Getting the riff to work in I’ve Found Jesus

Ask the Expert: Why won’t my guitar stay in tune?

Ask the Expert: How to increase speed when playing guitar

Ask the Expert: Recommended guitar strings

Ask the Expert: Tips on shifting keys

Ask the Expert: Guitar practice regime advice

Ask the Expert: How to set up good vocals, mic guitar amps and get good acoustic guitar tone?

Ask the Expert: Finger pain when picking

Ask the Expert: Online rock & pop lessons for acoustic guitar

Ask the Expert: How do you learn to sing and play lead guitar at the same time?

Ask the Expert: Unpacking strumming patterns

Ask the Expert: Power chords are really hurting my arms and fingers

Ask the Expert: How do I get my Line 6 Pod HD500 to do dotted 8th delays?

Do you ever feel that musicians are taken advantage of?

Ask the Expert: Pedals for acoustic guitar

Guitar Playing Styles

A step-by-step guide to the guitar effects used on a professional recording

Electric guitar styles: The U2 sound

Electric guitar styles: The Coldplay sound

Guitar Trick – Playing in 10ths James Taylor style

Hendrix style double stops – video

Hendrix-style double stops

Guitar lick of the month

Creating ‘pad’ sounds on guitar to add space

Playing In Tenths

Using a High Strung Guitar

About Musicademy Guitar DVDs

Online Lessons vs Live Learning

Calling all electric guitarists! Would you buy this new product?

New – the Worship Guitar Collection

What’s the difference between the old and the new beginners worship guitar dvds?

Musicademy launches its new Beginning Worship Guitar DVDs

The Intermediate Electric Worship Guitar DVDs

Intermediate Electric Guitar DVD trailer

Review of the Electric Guitar Course in Worship Leader Magazine

Whats the difference between the three Intermediate Guitar courses?

Worship Guitar DVD sale – up to 50% off!

What’s the difference between the Acoustic Intermediate and existing Intermediate Guitar courses?

Free lesson from our new Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVD

Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs now available as online downloads

The Song Learner “How to Play” series – get a FREE coupon here

Which guitar DVDs are right for me?

Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVDs launched

Best of the Best award for Musicademy’s Intermediate Acoustic Worship Guitar DVDs

Downloadable drum grooves for practice

Featured resource – the story behind the Intermediate Acoustic Guitar DVDs

Worship Backing Band DVD – practise tracks for Musicians

Free backing track to Everlasting God

Online rock & pop guitar lessons

Review of the Intermediate Electric DVD in Worship Leader Magazine