Geoff’s eco friendly mic storage tray

It was with great sadness this week that we learnt of the passing of Geoff Boswell who we had the pleasure of working with in recent years. Geoff was an occasional blogger here at Musicademy and had also been involved in presenting live training seminars on PA as part of his role as a professional sound engineer.

Geoff wrote the following piece for us a year ago and never got around to sending through the accompanying photo. But we thought we’d share the article now anyway. Rest in Peace Geoff. You were greatly respected and will be missed by many people.

Keeping valuable sound equipment in pristine condition

When visiting church clients I am often concerned to see the way that valuable sound equipment and musical instruments are stored. I am convinced if people personally owned some of this stuff greater care would be taken.

I was recently at a church where all their brand new mics etc were just piled on top of each other (along with DI boxes and radio mics) in a cardboard box. The mics were not even put back in the pouches provided which is how I had left them a week earlier!

I suggested a small project for a person on their team. An easy and fulfilling job for a few hours which could:

✔ Save money resulting from cost of replacing/repairing damaged mics

✔ Preserve the mics in the best possible condition.

✔ Make the rig that much easier as mics could be found quickly

✔ Send to your team a message of caring for valuable equipment.


Geoff’s Eco friendly mic storage trays.

1. Get two or three sturdy cardboard boxes. Best size of base about 12″ x 24″. Fruit trays are good.

2. Cut down height to about 3″ height

3. Gaffa (duct) tape all over and under (decent black gaffa) so that whole ‘tray’ is covered & strong.

4. Make cardboard dividers to the correct size for mics etc and gaffa in. Ensure that dividers add to the strength of the tray.

5. Don’t use the pouches at all. Just ensure snug fit in new Eco friendly storage tray.

6. Do same for DI boxes and radios.

7. Maybe do same for drum mics.

8. Even another one for IEM packs

8. Use white gaffa for base of each section and draw shape of mic in indelible marker on base.

9. Label each tray with guide to contents: Gen mics & DI’s. Drum mics. IEM packs. Radio mics etc.


** Guaranteed to last a very long time if lovingly made and occasionally maintained with gaffa tape.

** stackable to save storage

** very green!

**Cost about £$12 for two rolls of good gaffa (duct) tape and a thick nib sharpie pen.


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